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Hartford Primary School Appeal Trust Summer 2014 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Hartford Primary School has built up a strong reputation for the quality of work achieved by its pupils in a well ordered and caring environment. The Appeal Trust aims to support the School by providing additional educational opportunities and resources to all our children.  

Since the Trust was started in 1991 more than £100,000 has been raised! Through direct help from parents it has undertaken significant projects like the original ICT Suite and provided many types of resources - including musical instruments, science and PE equipment. During the last couple of years the Trust has funded £8,000 towards the fantastic new outdoor pens with Astro Turf and outdoor facilities. This year we are further funding additional outdoor provision resources particularly in the Foundation Stage outdoor area. None of this would be possible without the donations made to the Appeal Trust.  

Here are some statements from our children: 
Year 6 pupil: “I love the pens they are awesome.” 
Year 5 pupil: “I have fun with my friends onthe tyres.” 
Year 4 pupil: “I can’t wait until it’s our turn to go in the pens at lunchtime. 
Year 3 pupil: “My favourite thing is the climbers wall.” 
Year 2 pupil: “Our playground is brill.” 
Year 1 pupil: “I like running around with my friends.” 

We are very grateful to all the families that contribute to Gift Aid. However, as the year 6 children move on we lose some contributors. In order for us to achieve our aims it is very important that we gain new contributors from the new intake. Your help and support would enable us to fund new projects that can further develop and enrich the resources available to our children now and into the future. 

Anyone can donate to the trust - monthly, quarterly, annually or as a “one-off” donation whenever they can manage. Any donation, however large or small, is very welcome and makes a difference. 

Gift Aid enables us to recover tax on donations to the trust. Most donors pay tax and we are able to reclaim it at the rate of 25p/£1 to boost our funds – we claimed over £1,400 last year. Some donors are not tax payers and on these gifts there is nothing to reclaim. Gift Aid makes it easy to give and provides a regular income enabling the Trustees to plan. 

Please consider helping us to help your children. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Yours sincerely, 

The Trustees of the Hartford Primary School Appeal Trust 


Charity Number 1003306

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