Home Working Resources

During our period of school closure, we would encourage your child to do as much learning at home as possible. We appreciate that all families are different, and some families will be able to support this more than others. We just ask you to do what you can.

We have resources, including links and logins to various learning platforms for each year group. 

To access these pages, please hover your mouse over the "Home Working Resources" tab and each page will drop down for you to select.

If accessing from an ipad or phone, click on MENU, then click on the drop down arrow next to "Home Working Resources", where all of the different pages will appear. Just touch the page that you want to access and it will open for you. 

We also encourage you to spend time every day keeping active, and have given you some resources to support this. It would also be good to encourage some creativity, and again, we have resources to support this.

You are able to contact a teacher for your specific year group by using one of these emails. We will reply as soon as we are able, but please appreciate that there may be some delay as our staffing changes day to day:

  • earlyyears@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year1@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year2@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year3@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year4@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year5@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk
  • year6@hartfordprimary.cheshire.sch.uk


Most of all, stay safe, focus on looking after each other and supporting your family through this difficult time.


Your HPS team