Joining Our School

If you would like a phone call with our Headteacher of member of Senior Leadership Team or SENCO regarding any aspect of our school, please email

We know that the school you choose for your child is such an important decision for your family, made even more difficult in this current COVID environment, with school visits and tours being much more restricted.

We have put together a set of resources and support, which provides you with all you need to know about life as a pupil at Hartford Primary School.

School Prospectus

Please open the file below for a welcome from our Headteacher and Chair of Governors, an overview of our curriculum and academic results, sports and after school clubs and some quotes from our parents.

Academic Results

Please open the file below which details the schools academic results from 2019 (the latest set of results available).

"Introduction to School" video  - See Below

We are very excited to present our "Introduction to School" video. It is so important that our potential families experience a school day in action, with children learning and playing and teachers educating, and a look at the physical environment and space we are lucky to have on site. You will be able to experience the essence of life at Hartford Primary School in our short video.

How to apply:

Please find the admissions section on our school website which contains all of the information you require about how to apply for a space at Hartford Primary School

If you have any further questions, or require additional information, please contact our school office on 01606 74164 or



Files to Download