Religious Education

Through our teaching, we aim for our children to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of world faiths. We aim to develop the children's ability to make informed judgements about religious and moral issues. We believe that Religious Education provides an opportunity to ask big questions and celebrate and foster awareness of the differences in the wider world.

We use the agreed syllabus as the basis for planning Religious Education and we make links, whereever possible, to the context of our themes. In class and during our daily collective worship themes, we celebrate major religious festivals and celebrations, some of these are led by the children themselves. Alongside our SMSC policy, RE works to emphasise tolerance, respect and undestanding as a significant aspect of the teaching of major world faiths and beliefs, incluidng those without faith, in modern Britain and the world.

Our RE lessons are based on a big question, which changes each half term. Through lessons, we make connections and collect clues to help us answer the big question. Over the years with us, children will learn about all of the main religions and have visited a variery of places of worship. We currently learn about Christianity and Judaism in Key Stage 1 and Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Judaism in Key Stage 2. Year 5 and 6 are also lucky enough to have Bible Explorer sessions in the Autumn term. The key questions and topics for each year group can be found using the link below. There is also a link to the key skills and attitudes that we believe are central to the study of religion and world views. These are present in learning opportunities across the school.

This term, we are looking forward to the school's Interfaith Week, which is being held from the 18th - 22nd March. Throughout the week, we will work with visitors from St John's Church and the West Cheshire Interfaith Forum. We will work with them to celebrate a range of religions and beliefs and develop our understanding of them. In the run up to Easter, each class will be learning about the Easter story and its significance through an Easter box full of items. The children will explore the items and attempt to idenifty their connection to the story. 


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