Religious Education

Hartford's RE curriculum intent 

We aim for Religious Education at Hartford Primary School to engage, challenge and encourage all children to explore religious belief, values and traditions. We believe that Religious Education provides an opportunity to ask big questions and celebrate and foster awareness of the differences in the wider world, preparing children for life in the 21st century.


Hartford's implementation of the RE curriculum

We use the agreed syllabus as the basis for planning Religious Education and we make links, wherever possible, to the context of our themes. In class and during our daily collective worship themes, we celebrate major religious festivals and celebrations, some of these are led by the children themselves. 

Our RE lessons are based on a big question, which changes each half term. Through lessons, we make connections and collect clues to help us answer the big question. Over the years with us, children will learn about all of the main religions and visit a variery of places of worship. Our children learn about Christianity, Judaism, Islam and non religious world views in Key Stage 1 and Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism and non religious world views in Key Stage 2. Year 5 also receive Bible Explorer sessions where they go on an active journey together through the Bible in the Autumn term. 

Each class now has the opportunity to design its own RE journey for one term. This learning can be inspired by a school or local event, children's questions, a school visit or visitor. We can't see what the classes choose to explore! The key questions and topics for each year group can be found using the link below.


The impact of Hartford's RE curriculum 

Through our curriculum, children are given opportunities to recall their knowledge and along with their developing skills answer and discuss challenging questions, as well as comfortablly ask their own. Children can use key vocabulary to discuss the role of religion in society. 

Alongside our SMSC policy, RE works to emphasise tolerance, respect and undestanding as a significant aspect of the teaching of major world faiths and beliefs, incluidng those without faith, in modern Britain and the world.

Some of the skills developed across Key Stage 1 and 2 include retelling religious stories, recognising symbols and actions, describing religious and world views, making connections and reflections and exploring moral and ethical issues. To see a detailed overview of skills that are present in learning opportunities across the school see the link below. 


Watch this page and Twitter to keep updated with all the visits, visitors and events that occur throughout the year! 

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