Science at Hartford

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Science Week 2020

All the children took part in our fabulous Science week which was held at the beginning of March.  The children at home and school worked on the same experiments and activities throughout the week.  The children at home were able to work on the tasks with siblings and lots of fun was had by all. 

Our experiment covered Biscuit Dunking, Kitchen Chemistry, Georges Marvelous Medicine and Marble Runs.

Some Pictures of our Buscuits Dunking Experiment

Erin dunking.jpg

Class photo 6.JPGEmma Fox.jpg

Some Pictures of our Kitchen Chemistry Experiment

Taylor Dalziel.jpgEllie pennies.jpg

IMG_5862.JPGFreddie C.jpg

Some Pictures of our Georges Magic Medicine Experiment


Some Pictures of our Marble Run Experiment


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Growing our own fruit and vegetables

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