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Why should we be focusing on LGBT+ at Hartford Primary School? 


Children grow up in many different families. 

Everyone should be able to talk about their families. 

Fear of bullying can stop children from talking about their families and from doing what they enjoy. 

Children should be able to be themselves AND know its ok to be themselves.

Children should be know that everyone is different and everyone is equal.

All children need to be prepared for life in 21st century Britain.


Research from The School Report (2017) and The RaRE Research Report (2015) found that:


Nearly half (45 per cent) of LGBT pupils - including 64 per cent of trans pupils - are bullied for being LGBT in Britain's schools.

This is down from 55 per cent of lesbian, gay and bi pupils who experienced bullying because of their sexual orientation in 2012 and 65 per cent in 2007

Half of LGBT pupils hear homophobic slurs 'frequently' or 'often' at school. 

Seven in 10 LGBT pupils report that their school says that homophobic and biphobic bullying is wrong, up from half in 2012 and a quarter in 2007.

More than four in five trans young people have self-harmed, as have three in five lesbian, gay and bi young people who aren't trans.

More than two in five trans young people have attempted to take their own life. as have one in five lesbian, gay and bi students who aren't trans. 


The research also found that: 

Almost half (45 per cent) of primary school teachers say children in their schools experience homophobic bullying.

Seven in ten (70 per cent) primary school teachers hear homophobic language in school.

More than eight in ten (86 per cent) have had no specific training to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying.


At Hartford this is not the case..... all staff are trained in how to recognise and address these issues! 


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