Times Tables

The quick recall of multiplication and division facts is essential for all children and supports children's ability to access more of the Maths curriculum with ease. The National Curriculum states that, by the end of Year 4, all children should be able to recall multiuplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12. Additionally, as of 2020, the government will implement a Multiplication Tables Check to be administered to all children at the end of Year 4. To find out more about this check, follow the link below (Guide to the Multiplication Check). To ensure all children can confidently recall all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12, it is important that we approach the teaching and testing of times tables in a similar format across the school and at home. 

From Early Years up to Year 6, all of our children will take part in multiplication activities progressing appropriately as the children go through the school. As the Times Table check is completed online, we have recognised the importance for children to have the opportunity to practise their timestables on an iPad and computer. The PTA have kindly purchased Times Table Rockstars for all children to use at home and in school. 

What is Times Table Rockstars?


This is a fun and engaging programme which focusses on learning and practising times tables  on an iPad or computer. All Children and Teachers in Years 1 --6 will have their own log in for TT rockstars and will be able to acess it in school and at home. Additonally, class teachers can set challenges for the children to complete at home as part of their weekly homework. Teachers are able to monitor each pupil's progress and support each child to confidently recall their times tables. Our pupils will also need support from home to ensure this is achieved. There is a wide variety of online and paper resources for you to download and use at home with your children. 

The following apps and websites can be used to help your child practise their times table recall:











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