Year 3 Home Working Resources

Dear Year 3 parents and carers,

We have compiled some resources and ideas for you to use with your children while the school is closed. These are hopefully all things you can access easily at home and we have tried to ensure they are as fun and interactive as possible! Thank you for your ongoing support in this uncertain time.


We have uploaded a document from First for Maths, who work closely with the school in all of our maths teaching, which contains 20 different activities covering a range of maths topics. Most of these are practical and fun activities and you could do one a day for four weeks.

Telling time

  • to the hour,
  • half past,
  • quarter to/past and
  • 5 minute increments to and past the hour
  • Challenge – to the nearest minute


  • Adding 2 amounts together and also
  • Finding change when buying 1 or 2 items
  • How many different ways of making amounts of money?

These are practical topics you could practise with your child at home, giving them a head start for the summer term. You could have a price list for snacks and get the children to pay!

The children can also be practising their recall of times tables. Practise being fluent with their 2,5 and 10 times table and corresponding divisions and then move onto 3, 4 and 8s. We have been looking at doubling our 4 times tables to calculate the answers for the 8s too.

These can be done on Times Tables Rock Stars or for variety you may like to try an APP called Squeebles or free websites like Topmarks or Maths frame which has some free games.


We have uploaded a document from the Literacy Company with activities and ideas for the children to develop their writing. Try keeping a short daily dairy during your home/school learning time. Practise some of our key objectives; write in the 1st person, past tense, sequence of events, include feelings, and use correct tense.


Please continue to read with your child as much as possible. This does not have to be only your child reading; you can also read stories to them and talk about them. When the children are reading, remember to focus on fluency and expression, and also ask questions about what they have read to check their understanding.

There is a website called Teach Your Monster to Read, which you can sign up to for free on a computer (you need to pay for tablet version). There are games and activities to help children with phonics and reading.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Some children may also want to practise their phonics skills  and Phonics Play have also allowed free access for the coming weeks. There are lots of games and flashcards covering all of the phonics the children have learnt so far, so would be a great tool to keep up these skills.

The following links are for stories that are read aloud or children can read along with online:

The Book Trust

Story Line Online


We have uploaded a list of the Year 3/4 spelling list that children should be able to spell by the end of year 4, so they could be practising spelling these and then writing them in sentences. We have also included the Year 1 and 2 mat as some of these spellings are still being miss-spelt by many of our year 3s.


We have learnt all about light this past term including:

  • What is a light source?
  • How and why shadows change in length

Maybe your child might like to try and make a sundial and you could discuss with them about how it works and would this always be accurate all year round?

Ask your child to plan an investigation to show how the length of a shadow changes during the course of a day. They could present their findings in a graph. We have been using; - the children should know how to click to get to the graphs. As a challenge, tell your child they have been tasked by Batman to create a larger bat shadow for his bat sign! How could they solve this problem?

Next term the focus is Rocks. You could get a head start by reading through the ‘science knowledge keycards’, attached to start to learn to read and spell the key vocabulary that we will be using. Why not, if you can, look at the rocks/stones that you can find in your garden.


In topic lessons we have been learning about Egypt. We have used a great website called Oddizzi which has lots of information and videos about all areas of Geography. They have allowed free access for parents at this time so if you wish to explore this or other topics further, here is our log in:

User – Hartford Three

password - 3jo3rg

If you want to get ahead, our next topic is Stone Age to Iron Age!

Art & DT

We have designed our scarab beetles against their design brief:

  • Bold bright colours
  • 10cm x 10cm
  • Symmetrical
  • Aesthetically pleasing

You could use this brief to create your own Egyptian inspired scarab beetle using things from around your home!

Next half term we are looking at the works of art by Andy Goldsworthy. So why not use some time to research him and create some of your own ‘Andy inspired’ works of art.


Use the free APP called ‘Garage band’ and have a go at creating some of your own Music!


We were planning to look at the Easter story before the holidays so you could read this with your child and discuss why Christians celebrate Easter – because they believe Jesus rose from the dead. There are videos of the story on youtube:

Short version:

Longer version:

There is also an article on how and why to explain Easter to your children if you are not religious which may be of interest to you:

I’m sure the children would also love to do some Easter related crafts – decorating eggs, making cards etc.


Twinkl have released a Year 3 home learning pack which you can download for free if this is of interest to you. It includes maths, English and science activity booklets. The link is below or if you go to the Twinkl homepage there is a ‘download for free’ button in the top right-hand corner.

You could also use this time to teach your children practical skills such as cooking, baking, cleaning, tying shoelaces, folding laundry…the list goes on! Remember to have fun – get out in nature, play a board game, do some crafts. This will be a time the children remember for a long time and we are sure it can be a very positive one!

Thank you again for all your support. Have fun and stay healthy and we’ll hopefully see you all soon,

Mrs Oldfield, Mrs Rowland and Mrs Gatiss

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