Chester Zoo

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 3 Year: 2018 - 2019


What an exciting but tiring day we had at Chester Zoo! We spent the whole day at Chester Zoo. We all made our way to the zoo on the coach with our packed lunches and wrapped up warm for a day of walking and animal spotting! Once we had arrived, we put our stickers on and went on our adventure to find our favourite animals with our groups. Miss Mullins' group and Mrs Rowlands' group spent the morning on the Islands! We saw the endangered orang-utans, toocans and painted dogs. We even went on the boat ride which was great fun but very cold! At lunchtime we all met back up near the jaguar house and it really was feeding time at the zoo! Once we all had full timmies, we went back to animal spotting for the remaining of time or our trip. Some of us even went on the play area! What a fabulous day we had!


"It was the best school day ever! My bit was watching the tiger run down from the top of the hill to his den" - CF


"My favourite animal was the elephants. They were really funny when the baby elephants were play fightings and pushing each other over!" - CG